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How Purple's World started...."meds to the right..."

This is the "PRINCESS" Internet Radio Station Official Site, owner is DJ_PrncssPurple. The station streams live out of a social network for +18 Adults aka PURPLE'S WORLD... But it is like no other.


You are welcome to click in and listen. No virtual world entrance needed. Purple's World is a way to connect with people again. What better way than with music.

In 2015 my life changed. I became sick and I found I couldn't function in the physical human world. I'm a people person, so you see this was bad. I had found Virtual worlds before I got sick. But as the years have passed therapy, tests, meds, hospitals, and doctors… If you are home bound, you know how paralyzed you can get with people or without.


I have a support group in the community I'm part of RLC/PURPLE'S WORLD. That is one thing no one tells you about a virtual world. It's a community more than a game. You connect, make friends, make relationships that are life changing. Weddings, concerts, we even have a prom, however you will not find violence, unless you are mean at rock, paper, scissors


I found a way to let myself work at the pace I could do. I am a workaholic, creating, makes me happy . And no it's not cleaning, not my idea of work(chores). I found that when I am on the Air rocking a show with a hundred people. I'm alive and enjoying life again.


Question for you that are not home bound but your ass is broke and you can't afford that $20 entrance fee to the club. click on and club hop your ass off for $20 a month.(find me and ask for the Royal Treatment - new and must have entered in Purple's World Client).

This company Utherverse (Purple's World) a dating site. This is a site for adults only. Adults that would like to have a connection to other adults. Some don't have the luxury of just walking out the door and getting a social life. This is a new way to do that. Make friends, have romance, have adventures, hell just have fun.


There is adult content  and since you can do everything yes even sex. But kill, beat, shoot are not things you will find in our international community. There are things to do and yes if you are like me there are ways to make it a job and love what you do.

You can hear me ,DJ_PrncssPurple,live partying at clubs or one of the other Royal Rythm Team DJs. Come join the fun with us.

Try & find me, tell me "ROYAL TREATMENT PLEASE"  I'll help set you up, show you around. If you like it then welcome if you don't then you can say you tried to get a life.

See you In World,



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